…it is NOT pretty right now! I’ve moved because long term I want it hosted on my own domain. It’ll take me a while (babystepping) to make it look the way I want but I decided not to procrastinate anymore and go ahead and move. I’ll keep this blog up for a while for the content. So, join us over here for my scrapbooking adventures.



…15 minutes at a time. I’m researching digital scrapbook printing. I’ve chosen a few companies to order from to check out their service and product. I most recently got my layouts from scrappingsimply.com. They look GREAT! I also love that they have a Facebook fan page so I can see updates and get sale codes. The layouts are actual glossy photo prints so the detail is amazing. I got just a little bit of my layout cut off – ever so slightly – but they included a nice note for me on how to fix that. I’m still a bit new to the digital “thing” and the printing part as well. But I love it and I’m looking forward to getting an article about that up for my readers. Stay tuned….

…to go out at midnight. I really like the way my digital layouts turned out this month. I ran out of time for a June edition…just too much yard work and home school work and paper work. : ) Oh well, that’s the “keeping it real” part. I included a subtle beach themed layout and a before and after about having a new roof put on. You can sign up here and see them by clicking on the back issue link in your welcome email and looking at July 2011. : )

I just bought one of these deals and I’m excited. My sister sent it to me and I’ve heard of this company before and have wanted to try their books. They look great! The deal is 8.50 for a 20 page photobook (34.99 value). You do have to pay 5-6 shipping. When you sign up and get the deal you get a $10.00 credit you can use towards your photo book. You might have to check with customer service if you don’t see the credit immediately. I clicked on the discussion link at the top of the page and one of their customer service reps said that you could use your $10 sign up credit towards your first purchase so you’d really just have to pay 5-6 for the shipping. Sweet! I’m in…just thought ya’ll might want to know about it.Check it out!

…we go year round for more flexibility but I start the next grade/year in June or so. So, this weekend was our local resource/curriculum fair and my husband and I both went. It was nice to have him there. My Mom was also there; I’m a second generation homeschooler. Anyway, we’ve been using IXL.com for our math and I still really like it but I’ve been thinking about MathUSee for a long time and they just happened to have a workshop while we were there. Jonathan (husband) and I were able to go together and he really like the approach they use to teaching math so we’re going to start with the Alpha level. I’m excited about being able to watch the videos with the boys and “building” the equations together. Yeah! I also ended up with Audio Memory’s History Songs CD and I’m excited about that as well. It was a gift from Mom. We’ve LOVED their States and Capitals CD – my boys learned them in about 2 weeks! We enjoyed that during our lunch time…sing and do a quiz. I’m also looking forward to a Once-a-Week unit study about weather. I took a trip to the library today to get the suggested books. Here we go.

On the scrapbooking front – I’m planning to work on another layout for June’s ezine and maybe a couple of card designs. Then my next topic for free-scrapbooking-ideas-and-videos.com is “digital scrapbook printing.” I’m looking forward to researching that some more and getting a page posted.

…I guess that’s a good thing since that is the whole theme here – scrapbooking. And once again I am better at updating the good old YouTube channel. I’ve been working on this month’s ezine and I’ve completed a 2 page subtle beach theme layout 15 minutes at a time. Yeah! I hope to do another layout or 2 and some card designs and then send you the latest edition. So, if you haven’t already, head on over to my site and subscribe to The Real Life Scrapbooker’s Resource!

Hey, Ya’ll, Peppermintcreative.com has a new great freebie!!! It’s all about hair…it’s called “New do.” I’ve talked about this site before. They have new free digital kits every so often. I’ve used theirs in the past and I love them. They also have quick customer service. So what are you waiting for…go get the new kit. : )


…I’m going to go with the digital scrapbook printing. I’m more interested in that so it’ll be easier and I have some layouts that could use printing so maybe I’ll get a project done. : ) I have had a couple of 12 x 12’s printed before and was very happy with the results. They were from a website called sbtoshare.com. I might explore having a photo book done and see what some other sites have to offer? Stay tuned as usual.

…still doing homeschool through the summer though it is a bit less formal. : ) Still have some things to repair from the hail damage. Still trying to decide what topic to pick for my next website page. I’m looking at either “digital scrapbook printing” or “scrapbook die cuts.” I’m more excited to write about the digital scrapbook printing ’cause I have some layouts that could use printing. But more people are interested in the die cuts topic…so… I guess we’ll see? The boys are at VBS every evening this week so I have a bit more time to devote to scrapbooking world. I do have a major errand day planned for Wednesday so I might be too pooped out on Wednesday evening.

By the way, WELCOME to my new subscribers! I’m glad you’re here. You’ll see that I don’t keep up with my blog quite as well as my YouTube channel. If you haven’t been over there yet, you might want to check it out.

I’m also planning to move my blog URL over to http://www.rachelktaylor.com here pretty soon. I do all of this in my spare time…one babystep at a time so stay tuned for that…eventually it’ll get done. : )

I’m still here…

May 30, 2011

…let’s see…what have we been doing? Well, it is graduation season so we’ve been to 2 in the last 2 weeks. One was out of town and one in town. We’ve had hail damage repair being done and just a lot of stuff. So the scrapbooking department of my life has been empty. I’m not sure what I’ll be working on next. I need to pick a new topic to write about and post a new page. Traffic is growing and I need to keep it up…slow and steady. : ) I’ll also be thinking about some layouts for June’s edition of The Real Life Scrapbooker’s Resource…so stay tunes….